In my Father’s House

When i was a young girl reading books by Enid Blyton, this was always the dream cottage i pictured – a beautiful countryside home with a pretty landscape and yes, lots of flowers. She might not have been the best of children writers but, thanks to her, she had me hooked on reading English story books.

Living in a tropical country and city state, we have more greenery than flowers. I remembered how, during my first visit to a temperate country, I was so thrilled to see flowers blooming out of pots or troughs on the streets of London. I couldn’t resist touching them to ensure they were real.

Whenever i read the Bible, i have often wondered how my dream home in Heaven would be like.

My dad passed away on 28 Dec 2004, just 2 days after the devastating Boxing Day tsunami near Aceh. A few weeks later, my late mum related to us an astonishing and vivid dream. In her dream, she saw a huge and beautiful mansion in dazzling white, whiter than anything she had ever seen. Outside the mansion, she saw huge crowds of people, adults and children, queuing up excitedly for a banquet. They were all wearing white gowns, which looked like the baptismal gowns she had seen. Next, she saw my dad lying on a bed, all alone in a corner of a room. She kept asking me the meaning of her dream and who those people were.

I was amazed and perplexed. How could someone who was not literate and didn’t read the Bible (at that time) give an account that was so similar to the mansion and banquet mentioned in the Bible?

As i brought it up to the Lord in my prayers, i eventually came to understand that those people whom she saw were the ones who had perished in the deadly tsunami, cleansed by the waters that had engulfed them. They were already in Heaven! I asked the Lord why my dad was not included in that group. Then, i realised that on the day of the tsunami, my dad was still in the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital.

That dream gave me hope. All of us have a room in that mansion, better than any dream home i can ever have. More beautiful, more heavenly, and yes – with lots of flowers.       By R

My Father’s house has many rooms; if that were not so, would I have told you that I am going there to prepare a place for you?”      John 14:2  (NIV)


2 thoughts on “In my Father’s House

    1. Thanks Linda! I should thank the Lord for revealing the dream to my mum. Until today, her dream still amazes me. This more complex painting encourages me because now i know i can still paint despite my eye problem by doing it in more sittings. Thanks be to God!


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