Keeping faith

I can’t paint for this week’s post because I just had laser eye surgery yesterday.

Last Sunday, while Ben and i were selecting a painting on the computer for the watercolour society’s exhibition catalogue, i had a sudden onslaught of floaters in my right eye. I saw black squiggly lines along with thousands of tiny black dots in my vision. The doctor diagnosed it as a retina tear which required immediate surgery.

During my mum’s hospitalisation in January, the doctor already diagnosed slight cataracts in both my eyes. It was probably due to prolonged UV sunlight exposure during my daily activities since i hardly use the computer or read in excess. I was sad and shocked to find out that i had this unexpected retina tear as i was already making efforts to take extra care of my eyesight.

It will take some time to heal but, my commitment to the Lord for Godselfie remains.

Here’s a painting i did a few years ago from my art mentor’s photo collection when he went to Yunnan, China. When i saw the picture of the buffaloes, i immediately requested to use it as a reference. He was very amused as all his students preferred to paint the landscape and village. Of course i had to add the lovely landscape too.

It wasn’t just that i hadn’t seen buffaloes in real life. What he didn’t know was this verse that served as my inspiration:

Jesus replied, “No one who puts a hand to the plough and looks back is fit for service in the kingdom of God.”  Luke 9:62  (NIV)

Now, more than ever, i am reminded to keep my faith.       By Renee

9 thoughts on “Keeping faith

  1. This is a beautiful painting! I wish you the best with your eyes; may the Lord act in some way to help heal your vision problems…



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