Coffee, tea or …


My cup of tea. Chrysanthemum and wolfberry tea steeped in hot water, in a cup with a seive-like cover that was given by my children for Mother’s day. This has become somewhat of a routine for me.

Formerly a tea drinker, i had switched to drinking coffee with Ben, who simply couldn’t go without his strong morning coffee brew. Several years ago, i started experiencing heart palpitations and restlessness whenever i drank coffee, even when it was just one cup, so i gradually give it up and switched to drinking tea, with milk or sugar.

My mum, who passed away in Jan this year, was a diabetic. After consistently cutting down on her sugars, her diabetic readings improved so much that she was eventually weaned off her diabetic medication. Her eyesight also improved! She could rattle off the numbers of other patients’ cardiac monitors across the room without any difficulty.

Since i was having eye problems in recent months, I figured that perhaps God was prompting me to cut down on my sugars too.

Prior to this, the only days i had totally abstained from caffeine, with much side-effects, was on Good Fridays. It has been more than a month since i started cutting down on caffeine and sugars. And if giving up coffee was bad enough, giving up my tea (which was my daily cup of caffeine fix) has been the equivalent of going cold turkey. For some time after, I suffered from constant headaches, drowsiness and crankiness.

Ironically, what had started off as as a mere attempt to save and protect my eyesight has evolved into a form of fasting, abstinence and purification for my body, but more importantly, for my soul!

We will never know how addicted we are until we are compelled to forgo something.

And everyone who has this hope fixed on Him purifies himself, just as He is pure.”  1 John 3:3  (NASB)

By Renee


2 thoughts on “Coffee, tea or …

  1. Bravo, Renee. For about a year, I had stopped all caffeine except for an occasional soda at a fast food place. I went back on it months back, but this post is encouraging me to try again, gradually of course. Have you tried caffeine free coffee or tea?

    I love your art and learning the ingredients used in your tea. I am not familiar with wolfberry. Interesting!

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    1. Thank you Linda! i have not tried caffeine-free coffee nor tea. Like you, i occasionally treat myself to half a cup of Ben’s home-brewed coffee and that makes him very happy.
      I am quite used to drinking chrysanthemum/wolfberry tea or green tea now. I understand that both chrysanthemums and wolfberries are good for our eyes as well as our internal organs, which we believe do affect our vision too. It does have a calming effect too. Maybe you can try it!

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