The Silent Voice


We are constantly surrounded by sounds clamouring to be heard and voices calling for our attention. But there’s just one tiny little voice that cannot be heard except in silence – the silence of our hearts. God speaks in this silence when one least expects it.

Once, on my way home alone from church, i was walking on a pavement beneath a track with trains chugging intermittently above, beside a busy road teeming with cars from the morning rush hour. There were birds chirping and the relentless pounding of construction works.

All of a sudden, everything became inexplicably quiet – no sound of trains or cars, no chirping birds, no knocking or clanging – just complete silence! Even the winds seemed to have died down. It was as if time stood still. A certain presence seemed to have descended and enveloped everything around me. For that short few minutes, i experienced an indescribable Heavenly peace. No voice was heard. But He was present.

Just as Elijah discovered, God was not in the strong wind, the earthquake or the fire but in a gentle whisper. 1 Kings 19:11-12

I am continually seeking that Silence, that Voice, even in the midst of noise.       By Renee


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