Bittersweet Fruits

Our computer is finally up again! Although it has been a bittersweet year, we are truly grateful for God’s Blessings.

Renee’s mum’s first hospital stay also turned out to be her last. God brought her home on the 19th of Jan. What has remained are happy memories spent with her, especially on Sundays. She loved the poinsettia we bought for her last Christmas, so now every poinsettia becomes a reminder of her.

Ben finally found a job last December after more than a year. With fears of retrenchment still fresh in his mind and a weak economy, holding on to a totally unfamiliar job was and still is a great challenge. Thanks be to God!

Renee discovered her eye problems during her mum’s hospitalisation, and sufferred a retina tear in July. Despite the blurry vision and innumerable floaters, she has been trying to paint as and when she could. God’s gift of sight is so precious. How else can we see our loved ones and God’s many wonderful creations?

In this time and age where families are often busy and seldom together, we are grateful to God that we can still pray with our children, and spend time together every now and then.  Yesterday, we enjoyed ourselves as a family at Universal Studios. Having booked the tickets online earlier, we were worried about the weather as torrential rains have been the norm this December. The weather turned out perfect yesterday, but it started raining again today!

We stumbled upon Elmo, left alone, on a bench as we came home last week from our Christmas shopping. What a poignant reminder from God. While people are rejoicing and enjoying their festivities, there will always be someone out there feeling a little lonelier and sadder during this period. Let’s not forget them.

We pray that we will have a closer walk with the Lord in 2017 and that we will always remain faithful to HIM.

May God grant love, joy and peace to you, your families and in all your hearts.

Love and blessings from Ben and Renee and our family


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