Tiger vs Jezebel

What is in a name? Lots! Especially when you happen to be a gentle short-lived butterfly who’s unfortunately called Plain Tiger or worse, Painted Jezebel.


We like to name things or classify people by our association with them, their symbolism or their appearance.

Unlike God.

No matter how scarlet our sins may be, whether a liar, a thief or an adulterer, He still does not label us. No ‘tiger’ or ‘jezebel’. Simply a Child of God.

See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are!  1 John 3:1

Lord Jesus, give us the grace to love as you love, to forgive as you forgive, and to strive for perfection each and every day especially during this Lent. Amen.

By Renee


“When You Fast…”

Desert Plants
Taken from an old painting

Fasting from painting?

That’s difficult. Especially when it’s been enforced for the past five months. It was supposed to be “Mummy’s thumb”, which should have healed quite easily as long as i took extra care not to use my right thumb.

But i have yet to touch a brush simply because any movement of my right thumb induces more inflammation and pain. On top of that, i have to abstain from all kinds of nuts and soya products which may worsen the inflammation. Being a “nutty” person, i am discovering that i have to forgo so many of my favourite foods in our local cuisine.

How appropriate for Lent!

Fasting from food takes some effort. Giving up things we love such as our mobile devices, social media and gaming entails greater sacrifice. But what about going the extra mile to put others first, reaching out in love instead of being preoccupied with me, myself and i?

I am discovering that the latter is the hardest.

This Lent, we fast for 40 days. He fasted for 40 days too, but He took it one step further – He gave Himself up for you and me.

With God’s grace, i hope and pray that i can be a better person this Lent.     By Renee

“If you do away with the yoke, the clenched fist, the wicked word,
if you give your bread to the hungry, and relief to the oppressed,
your light will rise in the darkness, and your shadows become like noon.
The Lord will always guide you, giving you relief in desert places. ”  Isaiah 58:9-11

In Whom i trust

“And look, I am with you always; yes, to the end of time.”  Matt 28:20

This was one of my last paintings before i sprained my right wrist and thumb. Now i can’t even hold a pen, much less a brush, without experiencing agonising pain. What a reminder from God to me to never take anything for granted.

When i first spotted this small beautiful church, with the cross on its steeple reaching up to the clear blue sky, i knew that i had to paint it. My eyes were irresistibly drawn heavenward, towards the cross, to God. Immediately, i felt at peace.

With a world that is constantly changing and becoming saturated with more sad than good news, Faith becomes a rock that stabilises me. And Hope flickers on in a time of darkness.

“Since you are my rock and my fortress,

for the sake of your name lead and guide me.”  Psalm 31:3

 By Renee


Watch Out

“Be always on the watch, and pray that you may be able to escape all that is about to happen, and that you may be able to stand before the Son of Man.”   Luke 21:36

By Renee

God’s note:  A rare local Buffy Fish Owl.


Jacob’s Ladder


He had a dream in which he saw a stairway resting on the earth, with its top reaching to heaven, and the angels of God were ascending and descending on it. ”   Gen 28:12 

Climbing up a staircase takes some effort, going up a narrow and spiraled one is even harder. So is our daily struggle to reach heaven, step by step, with the Grace of God.

Going down a slide takes no effort; we just let gravity do its job. Giving up or letting go in our endeavour to lead Christian lives is also an easy slide that leads us everywhere but Heaven.

Dear Lord, please give us the strength to carry our crosses every day after You.  Amen.

By Renee


True or False

Which fruits are real? This, of course, is pretty obvious.

Not so with the world today. Everything seems rather vague and ambiguous. Photographs can be faked or enhanced. News can be dubious. Even people seem unreal, what with all the camouflage and facades we put on.

It takes a discerning eye and a discerning spirit to tell me what to believe, what is true and what is good. That’s why i need God to grant me the spiritual gift of discernment, to tell good from evil, to read below the surface and to see the untainted truth.

I need Him to help me make the right Godly decisions in my life.

Teach me good discernment and knowledge,
            For I believe in Your commandments.     Psalm 119:66  (NASB)

By Renee

Godnote: This post was supposed to be put up yesterday, but after publishing it, it simply disappeared! It neither appeared on the Blog nor the Reader. After prayer this morning, we managed to put it up again. So much for discernment. Praise be to God!


Turn Back


“Do not be wise in your own eyes;
            Fear the Lord and turn away from evil.

      It will be healing to your body
            And refreshment to your bones…

My son, do not reject the discipline of the Lord
            Or loathe His reproof,

      For whom the Lord loves He reproves,
            Even as a father corrects the son in whom he delights.

      How blessed is the man who finds wisdom
            And the man who gains understanding.

Prov 3:7-8 , 11-13  (NASB)

By Renee