The Finished Painting

My art mentor initially told me that i shouldn’t have outlined the frangipani flowers. But i didn’t. God did. So i just copied. And i praise God that i have finally completed the eight-month old unfinished painting(see here).

I had been walking past this shrub whenever i enter the grounds of the art studio for three years, and yet i have never noticed it. Last year, i was captivated by the beautiful pure white flowers beaming under the bright sun rays. Painting has indeed sharpened my senses to the beauty of God’s creations around me.

Capturing the beauty of God’s creation is a great challenge. How to resume an unfinished piece of art is another daunting task. I had a difficult time figuring out how and where to continue, mixing the exact colors again and rearranging the composition. I have always tried my best to never give up something that i have started unless God indicates otherwise.

Yesterday, a fellow art mate almost ruined her narcissus with a very dark and blotchy background. With a few quick brush strokes, my art mentor transformed her plain background into a partial wall of bricks and broken cement. He truly has the master’s touch.

In our lives too, God never gives up on us and we are constantly being transformed by our Master’s Touch, and retouch…and retouch.  And then … viola!        By R


9 thoughts on “The Finished Painting

      1. My paintings aren’t that good actually, there are many more better watercolor artists whom i admire in WordPress. And I do learn something from everyone, even those who are new artists. You are really gifted too – your drawing and painting, quilting and your daring creativity inspires me, and most of all, your infectious bubbly personality is God-given. And brings a 🙂 always!

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